Flexible  &  Fluent
Independent and more apt to try Opposites
Face Problems (less likely to suppress or deny them)
Unafraid to Recall Unpleasant
More Skeptical
Aware and Sensitive
High Energy Level
Tolerate Many Unfinished . . .
Prefer Experiencing more than Judging
See Unique Similarities    bARTel

This list has been updated from a list that was first assembled by a group of students in a an eight week graduate seminar on creativity at the U. of Kansas in the late 1960's under the direction of Dr. Phil Rueschhoff.  The author was a participant.  This list is based on studies of successful highly creative individuals in a variety of fields including both the sciences and the arts.  Crtiteria for being considered highly creative included achievements such as the number of significant patents, prizes, and so on.
 - Marvin Bartel

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updated 29 February 2004

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