Patricia Oakley


Welcome to my personal web pages.

I'm a professor of mathematics at Goshen College.

Enjoy exploring these pages and learning more about me, my interests, and the courses I teach.

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Contact Information Email:
Goshen College 
Mathematics Department
1700 S. Main St.
Goshen, Indiana

Office Phone Number:  
(574) 535-7311

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Current Courses

Fall 2010: 

  1. Math 131 Mathematics for the elementary classroom I

  2. Math 205 Discrete Mathematics

  3. Math 211 Calculus I

Spring 2011: 

  1. Math 132 Mathematics for the elementary classroom II

  2. Math 212 Calculus II

  3. Math 302 Abstract Algebra

May 2011: 

  1. Math 213 Calculus III